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We firmly believe that your physical presence and interaction with people are worth far more than any other form of Karma Yoga. Therefore, we always recommend and do appreciate if you could drop by our premises. The details are as follows,


School Address:
Sonkh Road, Salempur,
Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

City Office:
Diksha Pupils Academy,
B.S.A. College to Radhika Vihar Road, Sukhdev Nagar,
Mathura-281004, Uttar Pradesh

Phone: 9520670890, 9897389271


Our school is very well connected to Mathura town. For students we have buse facility and for visitors there is 24×7 bus connectivity by road. The school is hardly 4 kms from Mathura (and NH-2). Visitors (and parents) can come to school for meeting during school hours. For visitors, from out of the town they can catch bus/rickshaw from Mathura Junction¬†or Mathura Cantt Railway Station and come over to school.