Director Message

On behalf of the Symbiosis school for excellence, I would like to welcome you and your family. It is my pleasure to joint as a journey to create a partnership in which we will endeavor to engage every children academically, and emotionally.

At Symbiosis school for excellence, our mission is to equip students for life-long learning through lessons in academics, accountability, and attitude.

We are aiming this school to develop all aspects of the individual student and to provide an education that will prepare him/her for life and living in the modern world. As part of this, we help our students to attain the highest academic standards. Students will be encouraged to participate to the fullest possible extent in the social, physical and cultural activities of the school so that on completion of their education, they may emerge as self disciplined, responsible and well adjusted citizens, capable of playing an active and positive role in modern society.

It is my great privilege to introduce myself as a Director of such an institution where I will find a great opportunity to serve, develop and nurture the roots of the mankind that we call “ Children”. I take it not only as a responsibility but also a challenge to meet the expectations of the society from the best academic institution in all the respects with proper, balanced and satisfied communication and equation among the best possible efforts of mine.

In this dynamic world, education is absolutely essential and I believe that the three most important things which must be the resultant of the education, these are “Respect of the individual”,”The best possible service to community” and “The pursuit of excellence.

I welcome you all to look forward to working mutually towards reaching the goals of our children, families, society and the nation with the positive frame of mind.