1. If any student is found irregular in attendance, indiscipline, disrespectful behavior, using unfair means, damage to the school property etc, will be the sufficient reason for the dismissal of the student from the school.
  2. All the students of our school have to show proper respect to teachers, elders, parents and seniors everywhere.
  3. If any child is caught handling or taking away the belongings of other student, shall be expelled from the school.
  4. Late comers without an application from the parents/guardians, will be punished strictly or asked to go home at the risk of the parents/guardians.

Once a student comes to school, he/she will not be allowed to go home. No visitors will be allowed to meet any student in the school. In emergency cases, the child will be sent only with the parents or close relation, who brings a letter from the parents. In no case the child will be sent on his own request. Parents/guardian/relatives are not allowed to go straight to the class room to see their wards or the teachers.