School Vision

It says, “If you plan for a year, plant grain . If you plan for a decade, plant trees. If you for century, plant man. “

Our vision is to be placed firmly at the heart of the community. Working mutually with all the families involved with us.

The School must inculcate the environment where children love to learn, teachers love to teach and parents love to send their children. We believe learning should be purposeful and personalized. Children at school are aught to aspire to be the best they can possibly be.

Academically, children must be encouraged to develop the determination and resilience to achieve the highest standards. The children must be taught the importance of being a positive role model to others, and should learn that they have choices and learn to evaluate the rewards and consequences of the choice they make.

School have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which includes the development of thinking and questioning skills. This encourages children to have enquiring minds and setup a belief in their own ability with the self development of spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects. We believe this equips our children to deal with life even outside of school in an ever-changing and challenging world.

It needs to emphasis such a school atmosphere that is both conducive to work and socially secure for the school community and to foster a sense of justice, self discipline and personal responsibility.

We encourage and provide such a atmosphere in all the respects for the students to develop their unique qualities and talents.